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the PERFECT gift for the craft beer nerd in your life - this hand-printed insulated beverage container was created for beer aficionados everywhere! if you're unfamiliar with Untappd, it's an app for your cellular device that allows users to log and rate every kind of beer imaginable. if you know someone who never drinks the same beer twice and/or frequents beer releases at your local brewery, they are more than likely "checking in" their beers with this social drinking app! I just hit 100 unique beers this year, but know people working towards 1,000 . . .

Anyhow, it's a yellow insulated beverage holder made of jersey cloth with foam backing and is screen-printed brown text (the primary color scheme of the app). The text reads "Unrivaled on Untappd" on one side. 4" x 5" approx.

Note: this is a screenprinted product. Please allow for slight variations. Also note that the saturation of the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen to the item itself.

Also note: this item is not endorsed by the app, I'm simply a fan and user myself!

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