exit343design announcement: the second donation to WIRES!

Gritty is here to say THANK YOU to all the folks who purchased a sticker from exit343design in 2019! In case you missed it, I have committed to donating 5% of all sticker sales to PAWS Philly. I made the first donation back in July of 2019 and it felt awesome to support a local cause! This time around, I made the game-time decision to funnel the donation to Australia, who is currently reeling from devastating wildfires. I seriously cannot read a news report about it without my eyes welling up. After doing some research, the organization WIRES continually popped up as a reputable organization committed to helping the wildlife there.

With your help, exit343design was able to donate just over $200 USD to WIRES in Australia!

In 2020, I will resume donating to Philly PAWS, a local non-profit committed to making Philadelphia a no-kill city. Want to snag your own sticker? Check out my current selections right here!

PS: If you’re looking to support another maker who is donating to Australian wildlife in the wake of the fires, this story came across my desk yesterday of a kid making very cute clay koalas for flower pots. Check out the story here and grab a tissue if you’re a cry baby like me.