creative holiday gift wrapping ideas and techniques

Gift wrapping: this is something I both love and hate to do. I love picking out the right paper and getting the ribbon curled just right! But sometimes it’s such a chore. That’s where Pinterest comes in, chock full of interesting ways to bring some joy back in to wrapping holiday gifts! If you spent the time selecting the PERFECT gift, why not show it off in a beautiful way? If you’re looking for some gift wrap inspiration this season, look no further:

easy painted gift wrap inspiration

KEEP IT SIMPLE WITH KRAFT PAPER & PAINT: This is pretty straight forward. A kraft paper roll, some craft paint (hello 40% off coupon from Michael’s), and a paint brush. If you wanted to get extra fancy, you could paint the recipient’s name on the package freehand or using a stencil! I linked to a cool stencil set at the bottom of this post.

easy gift wrap with washi

STICK ‘EM UP WITH WASHI TAPE & STICKERS: A little known fact is that I am a hoarder of washi tape that I hardly use. This wrapping technique is the perfect way to use some of it up! If I use it up, it gives me an excuse to buy more, right? I love the polka dot sticker idea on the left as well- so easy to jazz up a plainly wrapped gift! You could also spell out a message in colorful washi tape or the polka dot stickers.

easy gift wrap with flowers

ADD A SPRIG OF NATURE: I love the simplicity of these packages; they are cute gift wrapped for the holidays, but would also be fab for a wedding or bridal shower gift. These photos show them simply wrapped in yarn or twine, but wrapping in a colorful bakers twine would add a fun and subtle pop of color as well! You could snip a sprig from an evergreen outside (or your Christmas tree?) or the photo on the right shows silver dollar eucalyptus, a wedding floral favorite..

bold and easy gift wrap ideas

SHOP AROUND FOR WRAPPING THAT HOLDS ITS OWN: Don’t feel like going the DIY route? Not to worry, there are plenty of easy gift wrap options that stand out and look like you went the extra mile. I found a fun roundup on Knstrct of artistic wrapping paper; Minted also has a wide array of unique gift wrap patterns from many independent artists, styles which you may not find anything like in stores. Finally, a shameless plug for my own gift wrap- booze bags, the easiest gift giving of them all! Each reusable cotton gift bag fits a standard size bottle of wine, a smaller booze like this Maker’s Mark, or a big bottle of beer like this Duvel. I have designs for the holidays and beyond, you can check them out here.


NEED MORE GIFT WRAPPING INSPIRATION? Check out my Pinterest board all about it!

Listed below are some of the items used or suggested in the above gift wrap ideas! I need to disclose to you that if you click through and buy one of these items, I do get a percentage of compensation from Amazon.