DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas

Searching for easy ways to jazz up your Thanksgiving table this year? Look no further than your local craft store! For these two projects, simply nab a thin paintbrush and white acrylic paint. 

R E P U R P O S E  Y O U R  H A L L O W E E N  P U M P K I N

U S E  F A L L  L E A V E S  F O R  D I Y  N A M E T A G S


I happen to live next to a bike trail that is covered in fall leaves. It was easy to scavenge for the perfect, extra large leaf! I found that the drier the leaf, the more prone it was to stay flat.

MODIFICATION: If you don't trust your freehand paint skills, I would suggest getting scrapbook letters, arranging them on the leaf, then spray painting to be a reverse stencil. Actually, now that I'm typing it, I'd love to see it as a metallic gold leaf with show-through text!