exit343design announcement: 2020's charity donation round-up!

2020, what a year. Even though it currently feels like we are living in 2020-two-point-oh, I still want to take time to recognize one great aspect from last year: all of the donations made possible by YOU, exit343design’s rad customers!

  1. PAWS Philly: ICYMI, ever since I introduced vinyl stickers into my line in 2018, I committed to donating 5% of all their sales to a local animal welfare organization. I do this when I file my sales tax, so it can occur quarterly or twice a year. Today, I donated for the final quarter of 2020 a total of $158.03, bringing 2020’s TOTAL donation to PAWS to $288.06! We blew the $200 goal right out of the water- thank you so much!

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2. SHARE Food Program: Early in COVID times, I wanted to find a local food bank that was helping to feed children while they were out of school. Through some Googling, SHARE Food Program stood out to me because they help folks in both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties! Back in April, I ran a promo where I donated the profits from greeting card sales to the organization. I decided to fundraise for them again in the back half of 2020 by donating 25% of the sales made on my website over Black Friday weekend and WOW did you guys show up to help! Because of your purchases, I just sent in a donation of $534.48!!! That brings the total 2020 donation to SHARE up to $1071.98. WHAT! AMAZING!

Before I continue, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the “in memory” portion of these donations. When I have filed donations previously, I have left that field blank. However, this time, it felt necessary to add a name as a small gesture of remembrance; in December of 2020, my husband’s family lost a great man to COVID-19. Michael was just a nice guy who loved to laugh and chat about his quirky interests. Family was so important to him and we saw him at every extended family function, including our wedding. In his early 60’s and in good health, he is one of thousands of people whose lives ended far too soon. While a phrase on a donation form does nothing to fill the void left by his absence, it is nice to know that his name will be recognized in this small way.

3. Campaign Zero: Remember George Floyd? If you don’t recognize that name, it’s time to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. In June, I held a raffle fundraiser to raise money for Campaign Zero. The organization is focused on police reform that promotes equality. I never tallied how many raffle tickets I sold (whoops) but I CAN tell you that the donation totaled $620- incredible!

. . . so that’s the breakdown! Ready for the grand total? In 2020, because of my rad customers, exit343design was able to donate $1980.04 to non-profits! HELL YES. And honestly, if we can donate that much during a global pandemic and national recession, what’s to stop us from growing that number in 2021?! Stay tuned- and THANK YOU!