exit343design announcement: raffle for Campaign Zero results!

In case you’ve been living in the United States under a rock, there is a lot happening right now. One of the major headlines is the death of George Floyd, which has prompted country-wide protests petitioning for racial equality and police reform. As a suburban white girl, I have nothing groundbreaking to lend to the conversation other than my eyes, my ears, and a helping hand where I can. But as an artist, I do have the ability to contribute in some way with my art- so I did!

Last week, I painted this original watercolor painting and held a raffle fundraiser to give it away. I publicized it to my mailing list (if you’re not on it, what are you waiting for?) and on my Instagram feed. All I can say is that I have the BEST customers and followers! You guys showed up for my month-long fundraiser for Share Food Philly back in April. And then, despite COVID-19 madness, you guys showed up for this fundraiser as well!


And congratulations to Susan B. for winning this painting! It is in the mail as I type this :)

Politics don’t play much of a roll in my artwork, but I can tell you that I believe in the goal of racial equality and support the rallying cry to "defund the police.” That is why I chose Campaign Zero to donate to- they are working hard to create research-based, actionable steps for real policy change. Protest is powerful, but I feel that it can fall on deaf ears with members of our government system; to me, Campaign Zero is translating the messages of protest into the language of our legislators.

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Let’s continue to be educating ourselves on how to be better humans. Equality isn’t a political issue, it is a MORAL issue.