exit343design announcement: THANK YOU!

Friends! What is this incredibly boring photo above? Why, it’s a screenshot of all the donations to the Share Food Program I was able to make thanks to all of you snail mail lovers out there!!!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check the bottom of this blog post.

Thanks to so many wonderful customers, exit343design took the profits of 200+ greeting cards sold on my website AND Etsy, then donated directly to this Philadelphia-area food bank. In mid-April, at the $325 mark, I decided to extend the donation period until 4/30/20 and set a goal of reaching $500 in donations.

Not only did we hit $500, we exceeded it for a total donation of $537.50!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PURCHASED CARDS! Your support means a ton to my small business and even more to this local non-profit who is helping people in need during this pandemic.

Stay well, everyone! And keep doing what you can, within your means, to support local small business and local non-profits!