exit343design announcement: transitions to eco-friendlier shipping materials!

Here at exit343design, the environment and keeping it clean is important. I use water-based inks which are non-toxic, print in small batches to reduce fabric waste, and recycle every scrap of paper I can.

Earlier this year, I ordered a product from another maker and it came with the above enclosed postcard. I had never heard of Eco-enclose before and went to check them out!

If you’re on the lookout for environmentally friendlier packaging and shipping solutions, I encourage you check them out! This is not a sponsored post at all, just an endorsement to vote with your dollars! You can even order free samples of select items to give them for a spin before buying. One item that I am excited to try out is their paper tape.

All of this is to say that exit343design has made the switch to recyclable shipping materials (with the exception of some packing tape if needed). I am shipping orders in the recycled poly mailer that comes with a 2nd adhesive strip to use a second time before recycling. Cards and stickers are shipping in flat cardboard mailers that are made with post-consumer materials and are fully recyclable. Wholesale orders ship in recycled cardboard boxes.

The next challenge is to transition all packaging into recyclable materials. If you have any ideas for recyclable, retail-ready packaging, I’d love to hear them below!