exit343design donates: mid-year check-in

Hello friends and sticker fiends! Stephanie from exit343design here, dropping in to let you know about the latest donations made because of all you sticker collectors out there. THANK YOU for another successful six months- your purchases contributed to two sizable donations to two local animal-related non-profits!

First of all: PAWS Philly is running a special "PAW it Forward" event, so I allocated 3/4 of the donation pool to this event. I also donated in memory of my father, who passed away suddenly in May. Thank you to all my lovely customers for allowing me to do this donation in his name:

PAWS Philly Donation


The rest of the money ($113.59) went to a non-profit that also deals with animals, but of the reptilian variety- the Terrapin Nesting Project. I learned about this organization in 2020, whilst spending many of my days bike riding past their nesting spot in Barnegat Light, NJ. Cut to- I stop one day and meet Kathy the founder, she tells me all about terrapins and her mission. Last year, I donated to their Foster a Female fund personally and helped watch nests around hatching season. This year, I hope to do some more nest watching but wanted to do a bit more- so here we are! If you think terrapins are "just" turtles, I encourage you to learn more about these important creatures who inhabit coastal baywaters. But also- how cute are their little faces?!

Terrapin nesting project foster a female photos


Thank you so much for your continued support! I have more sticker designs coming out soon, which will hopefully make the second donation from 2022 even better than last year!


Since exit343design introduced stickers in 2018, we have committed to donating 5% of ALL sales (retail & wholesale!) to PAWS Philly. Want to support the cause and grab a sticker? Check them out here!