"love over hate" art print for charity

Today, February 20th, is Presidents' Day- a day enacted to recognize George Washington's birthday, as well as pay tribute to all U.S. presidents. It also marks one official month of the Trump presidency. 

Since the inauguration, my social media feed has been flooded with text and images of protest and passion by friends, colleagues, and strangers who are concerned about the state of our administration. I've been a quiet bystander, taking it all in and wondering how to even put together my thoughts on the whole situation. I feel like happily posting photos of stationery and life somehow makes it seem like I'm not paying attention, but I think it's impossible to not be.

There are clearly a lot of viewpoints on all kinds of issues, but one thing has remained clear and disturbed me quite a bit throughout the entire election cycle: there is a constant stream of negativity coming from every side. By negativity, I mean straight up blind hatred that is being slung around so much it makes my heart hurt. This illustration was borne from that feeling- the hope that no matter where we end up, that love has to triumph over hate.

I will be donating $5 from every print sold to the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

One of my primary concerns right now is the environmental impact of the government. I'm the first to admit I'm no model citizen, but I do believe that we only get this one planet. We are all in it together to do what we can to respect and preserve this Earth. The NRDC is a top rated environmental charity as rated by charitynavigator.com; they have a variety of programs in place to "prevent special interests from undermining public interests."

Each print is screenprinted by hand on French Paper's Speckletone white in a deep magenta ink color. They are sized 8" x 10" and ready to frame!