podcast plugs: exit343design's favorite comedy podcasts

It’s no secret that I consume A LOT of podcasts. Stitcher is my listening app of choice and as of typing this, I have consumed 5336 hours of content since 2018. As someone who works alone most of the time, certain podcasts have also morphed into something like a coworker substitute? A voice to keep me company in an empty studio while I print. It’s kind of creepy to type that, but it’s the truth. My favorite kinds of podcasts are ones that help me to learn or to laugh. Basically, get out of here murder-themed podcasts, I don’t have the brain space for you.

I’d been wanting to do a podcast round-up for a long time. I’m not one to leave reviews on Apple podcasts, so I figured writing about my favorites here, to share with others, would be the next best thing! When I sat down to make a list, four distinct categories emerged: comedy, business, informational, and human interest. As such, I’ll be releasing each list as a different blog post. Enjoy!

In the first of at least four blog posts, I’m starting out with my favorite comedy podcasts. As I type this, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. These podcasts have brought some much-needed cheer and laughter into my life during these uncertain times. Here are my top 5 current favorite comedy podcasts:

5. How Did This Get Played?

Only a little over a year old, this young podcast is a spin on the popular “How Did This Get Made?” title, but with video games. Hosted by Nick Wiger & Heather Ann Campbell, this weekly podcast delves deep into some of the worst video games ever made. I have never been a “gamer”- my video game knowledge starts with Pacman, traipses through early-90s computer games, stops by SNES, & Sega Genesis and ends with Wii. BUT, they have some great guests and it’s a fun trip down memory lane.

Suggested Listening: Episode #36- “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” with Paul Rust. This is a legendarily terrible video game as I learned, so this episode is a delight.

4. All Fantasy Everything

If you love Top 10 lists, pop-culture, and you’ve got time to burn, THIS podcast is for you! Sometimes I don’t tune in because the episodes can become meandering and too long, but they are always funny. This ensemble podcast is lead by Ian Karmel, the head writer for the Late, Late Show with James Corden. The premise: the episode name is the topic, the guests spend the episode doing a serpentine draft based on said topic. They post the results to their Twitter for their fans to vote on the winning “team.”

Suggested Listening: I don’t know the number, but it’s from 6/14/18 and is called, “Movie Tropes” Their guest is Demi Adejuyigbe and it’s a lot of fun.

3. How Did This Get Made?

One of the O.G. podcasts in the game, this show is a classic hosted by straight-up professionals. Paul Scheer is the MC for the show, along with his co-hosts June Diane Raphael (fun fact: Paul’s wife!) and Jason Mantzoukas. The premise of the show is dissecting bad movies. I have watched maybe 1/20th of the movies they review. It does not matter! They are such a fun comedy team with great guests and fun “bits” that always make me laugh out loud. Jason Mantzoukas is one of my favorite comedians ever and he is a joy to listen to on any podcast he is a guest on.

Suggested Listening: Episode #196- “The Meg with Nicole Byer and Adam Scott” - this was actually my entry episode into the podcast because I knew I would like the guests. I listened to this on a walk alone and laughed out loud to myself like a dang crazy person.

2. Threedom

A celebration of irreverent, endless bits, and sketch comedy, this is a podcast both about nothing and everything. The “Threedom Boys” are Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus, and Paul F. Tompkins, friends and fellow comedians who chat about their lives and end each episode with a “threeture” submitted by a fan. This is a podcast that without fail, makes me laugh out loud to myself. Paul F. Tompkins’ laugh alone could bring world peace. My only complaint? Current episodes sit behind the Stitcher paywall for months, so once I burn through a season, I have to wait.

Suggested Listening: Honestly, any of them. They all have a similar format so if you like one, you’ll like them all. If you hate one, you’ll probably hate them all.

1. The Doughboys

My numero uno: The Doughboys. I have listened to all 300+ episodes and am a subscriber to their Patreon. Each week, hosts Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell banter about their hatred for one another and their love for shitty food. They bring guests to rate and review chain restaurants from all around the country. This podcast has introduced me to other podcasts, comedians, and even (sadly?) restaurants. I would say that this podcast take a couple of episodes to really get in to it, but once you’re in, you’re part of Spoon Nation & The Burger Brigade 4eva.

  1. Suggested Listening: 1/6/16’s “Pizza Hut with Neil Campbell” or any episode featuring Carl Tart.

Do you have a favorite comedy podcast that you want others to know about? Let me know in the comments!