snail mail love: colorful cards to send to friends (covid-19 edition)

Hello from self-quarantine! As I type this, my husband and I are in week 6 of self-quarantine. It feels like ages ago when I wrote this semi-lighthearted blog post about how to pass the time with your business during a slowdown. While I still agree with the main ideas from that post, boy has the world around us changed. And boy oh boy is everyone’s anxiety peaking! It’s more important than ever to practice good social distancing, but it’s also so important for your mental health (!) to continually be connecting with friends and family.

That’s where snail mail comes in! Yes, video conferencing happy hours are definitely fun, but how about a good, old fashioned pen pal? It’s a great activity for young and old. I’m currently pen pal-ing with strangers from a professional group as well as my 4-year-old niece! I’m also hoping to start up a correspondence with my grandmom who loves to send mail. If you don’t have any cards lying around, buying cards is also a great opportunity to support small businesses who may be struggling during this challenging time.

Typically my “snail mail love” posts simply showcase a variety of fun stationery of a specific genre. Check under the photos of cards for links to some of my favorite stationery shops, some of whom are offering card bundles which their stores are closed because of COVID-19!

Just a reminder that I am still shipping cards out as long as the USPS is open! During this month of April 2020, I am donating 50% of all card sales to Share Food Philly, an organization dedicated to feeding local families (and specifically, children who rely on school meals) during the coronavirus crisis.


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