exit343design donates: 2021 wrap-up!

Sooo full disclosure, I skipped the third quarter donation because I forgot that my state sales tax schedule changed in 2021. I do the sticker donation numbers at the same time I run my sales tax numbers so I'm doing ALL THE NUMBERS at once :)


But, that doesn't mean I skipped a donation- I just wrapped it all up into one big "2nd Half of 2021" mega-donation! And mega it was- you guys still LOVE stickers! Between my wholesale partners and loyal direct customers, exit343design moved over 7000 stickers for a big fat donation pool of $675.75! Wow!


I decided to switch things up a bit this season after I saw a call for donation from my local "little" zoo, the Elmwood Park Zoo. I love this place- easy to get to, a great size for kids, and you all know I love animals! The Zoo has had some rough times in the past couple of years, primarily with record levels of flooding gushing through their property (ahem Hurricane Isaias and Hurricane Ida notably), so it felt like the timing was right. And I loved their unique ask- instead of just money, it came in the form of an Amazon Wishlist!


That's right- like a registry for a baby shower, the keepers at Elmwood Park have a registry going for the different animals. I liked the little notes next to each item so you know who would be enjoying each item. Here's what YOU donated to the Zoo:

2022 Elmwood Park Zoo donations

 . . . and an outdoor Google nest cam is coming to them as well! As you can see, many of the items have been delivered already and the Zoo sent over a nice thank you:

Very cool! I have to get over there to say hello to my favorite Bald Eagle squad . . . At any rate, I didn't want to bail on my original goal of donating to PAWS so I set a budget for the Elmwood Park Zoo and donated the remainder to Philly PAWS as planned:

Philly PAWS nonprofit

Thank you so much to everyone who made these tremendous donations possible! While we did not surpass 2020's donation total, it was still an impressive $870.45 to non-profits in the year 2021. One of my goals for 2022 is to hold another fundraising event outside of the sticker sales, so stay tuned!

Since exit343design introduced stickers in 2018, we have committed to donating 5% of ALL sales (retail & wholesale!) to this local animal welfare organization. Want to support the cause and grab a sticker? Check them out here!